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At QUT Online we understand that feeling supported is often what separates a mediocre course from a great one.

Know what your support services are and how to access them

Support comes in many forms and may mean something quite different for each individual. With this in mind your online support network is adaptable and easy-to-access, providing tailored academic, technical, administrative, and personal assistance.

Student Advisors

It is vital that as a student you know support is available and where to find it. Contacting a Student Advisor is an easy first step towards accessing the support you need.

Available 7 days a week for extended hours, Student Advisors are trained to provide support in a number of areas related to your student experience.

Whether you are having trouble deciding what to study or how to enrol in a course, or need some help researching, writing and referencing an assignment, Student Advisors will be on hand to provide guidance.

Online Learning Advisors

Taking the place of on-campus course tutors, Online Learning Advisors (OLAs) are your first port of call when you have questions that arise from your academic engagement with the course material.

OLAs are content experts in their field with relevant industry experience who will guide you through your experience studying online with QUT.

Whether you are grappling with complex theory, the best way to write an assignment, or have detailed questions about a specific industry, your OLAs are there to provide academic support.

Online community

Upon commencing your enrolment with QUT Online you join a supportive and diverse academic community with a collective passion for learning.

What our students and teaching staff share is a resolute belief that postgraduate study opens the door to new possibilities and opportunities as well as higher salaries.

Whoever you are, wherever you happen to be, the connections you make as a part of this community will enrich your education experience and remain valuable well beyond your graduation ceremony as you join our alumni network.

Staying connected

Regardless of what you need help with, the student community and support services available will help you stay connected so you can achieve all you want to achieve, and achieve it on your terms. Find out more about studying online with QUT below:

Contact a Course Consultant on 1300 104 196 to discuss your options or submit a question online to find out how this course can help your career.


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