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Master of Information Technology (Cyber Security and Networks)
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Find out more about this course in our detailed PDF course brochure.

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The world we live in is more interconnected than ever before. Data storage networks manage vast quantities of information, and electronic systems mesh together in overlapping networks on an unprecedented global scale. While the digital revolution is a landmark of human progress, it opens up vulnerabilities for malicious cyber criminals to exploit.

The Master of Information Technology (Cyber Security and Networks) is a multi-faceted qualification with a flexible course structure, allowing you to major in Cyber Security and Networks. If you come from an IT background, you will receive advanced standing in recognition of your experience, and have the opportunity to attain a Cyber Security and Networks masters qualification in as little as 18 months (full time study).

The course is also ideal for those coming from a background other than IT. The extended 2 year full time program – perfect for a career shift – will help you build a solid foundation in real world IT-practice, which you will then leverage as you take a deep dive into the field of Cyber Security and Networks.

You will learn the fundamentals of Information Technology best practice, and extend these skills into the field of cyber security, exploring a range of topics from the modern cryptographic techniques that underlie data protection, to the secure programming skills that reinforce secure design, and play an essential part in building layered network architecture.

Upon graduation you will be qualified to work for a range of IT service providers, consultancies and vendors. Cyber security expertise, in particular, is an in-demand skill that is undergoing significant investment nationally – in line with global trends – as awareness of cyber security risks grows.

The skills you acquire are highly translatable, relevant for professional work in government departments, and a range of private sector industries that include finance and banking, health care, education, advanced manufacturing, engineering, mining and agriculture, and more.

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Entry criteria

You can gain entry into the Master of Information Technology (Cyber Security and Networks) with the following:

2 year program

  • A recognised bachelor degree (or higher) in any discipline with a minimum grade point average of 4.0 (on QUT’s 7 point scale).

1.5 year program (48 credit points of advanced standing for the foundation IT units)

  • A recognised bachelor degree (or higher) in IT with a minimum grade point average of 4.0 (on QUT’s 7 point scale), or
  • A recognised bachelor degree (or higher) in any other discipline with a minimum grade point average of 4.0 (on QUT’s 7 point scale) plus 3 years of full time professional work experience in IT.

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Tayla | Graduate Certificate in Information Technology

Course units

Foundation micro units – 48 credit points

Computer Systems Fundamentals

Management Information Systems

Introduction to Security and Networking


Introduction to Programming

Systems Analysis and Design

Object Oriented Programming

Rapid Web Development

Cyber Security and Networks Major units – 84 credit points

Object Oriented Design

Data Structures and Algorithms

Information Security Management

Applied Cryptography

Network Systems

Principles of Software Security

Data Privacy and Security

Advanced Networks

Cyber Security and Networks Major electives – 12 credit points (students select one)

Principles of User Experience

Advanced Algorithms and Computational Complexity

Cyber Security and Networks masters units – 48 credit points

Research in IT Practice 1

Research in IT Practice 2

IT Industry Project 1

IT Industry Project 2


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Career opportunities

ICT Programmer

Implement integrated software and application solutions that solve organisational ICT-related problems.

Cyber Security Lead

Ensure that architectural vulnerability and cyber-threat analysis are a consideration when implementing new technologies and ICT practices in the workplace.

ICT Security Specialist

Specialise in cyber security – assessing organisational vulnerabilities in order to establish thorough cyber security practices that safeguard sensitive data.

Network Analyst

Provide technical support for and monitor organisational computer networks, and oversee general refinement and network improvements.

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