Graduate Certificate in Education (Autism)
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Find out more about this course in our detailed PDF course brochure.

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The latest Census date found that in Australia, 164,000 people are living with autism, or 1 in 150 people. It is a condition that can affect the education of school-aged children, which is why supporting students with autism is a core part of Australia's inclusive education system. There is a continuing need for education professionals who have a nuanced understanding of autism within an education context.

If you are an existing teacher or educator working in a diverse range of education contexts, this course will enhance your understanding of learners on the autism spectrum, and your ability to support these learners' participation and engagement.

By developing a practical knowledge base of evidence-informed strategies and practices, you will be able to better meet the specific needs of learners on the autism spectrum, whether that is in the classroom, or in teaching that occurs in other education contexts. The approach you learn will be holistic, with a focus on working with learners of a wide range of ability, thereby extending their learning drawing out their unique talents. You will also learn about strategies to work collaboratively with families and support workers.

With a broad and evidence-based skill set, you will be able to tailor flexible, individualised educational programs and practices that support meaningful inclusion and positive learning outcomes.

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Entry criteria

You can gain entry into the Graduate Certificate in Education (Autism) with:

  • a completed bachelor degree (or higher qualification) in any discipline; or
  • a completed diploma (or higher qualification) in any discipline and two years full-time (or equivalent) professional work experience in any field; or
  • five years full-time (or equivalent) professional experience in any field.

This course is not available to international students.

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Nicky | Graduate Certificate in Education (Indigenous Education)

Course units

Micro Units (6 credit points per unit)

Features of the Autism Spectrum

Psychological Theories of Autism Spectrum

Standard Units (12 credit points per unit)

Context-Wide Educational Support for Learners with Autism

Targeted and Intensive Educational Supports for Learners with Autism

Supporting Relationships, Collaboration and Transitions


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Career opportunities

Special Needs Teacher

As a Special Needs Teacher in a dedicated Special Needs school, you will teach academic and living skills to learners with autism, calling upon evidence-based strategies that meet the needs of your students' unique learning profiles.

Lead Teacher in Inclusion

As a Lead Teacher in Inclusion you will perform a range of duties within a classroom, supporting learners with autism, and meeting their individualised educational needs.

Classroom Teacher

If you are already a qualified classroom teacher, the knowledge you acquire will improve your understanding of learners with autism, and how best to support these students in a classroom context.

Remedial Teacher

Provide specialised support for learners with autism in a school context, conducted in one-to-one or small group modes.

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