Postgraduate Health Courses & Degrees

QUT Online’s health courses are future-focused, offering specialisations that respond to the real-world needs of Australian communities.

The healthcare sector in Australia is one of the nation’s largest, with spending in recent years eclipsing 10% of GDP. With a growing need for leaders in the field to step up, a postgraduate qualification will prove invaluable.

Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management

Studying Emergency and Disaster Management, you will examine the underlying drivers of risk factors in emergency scenarios, and learn how best to plan for emergency contingencies.

Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

Studying a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management is great preparation for work across a broad range of health care services.

Graduate Diploma in Health Management

The Graduate Diploma in Health Management emphasises fast-thinking, future-ready skills and strategies that prepare you for the challenge of taking on a managerial health role.

Master of Health Management

If you have a passion for leadership and health services, then career advancement into a management or executive role in health policy or health care could be the choice for you.

Graduate Certificate in Care of the Aged

This course provides existing health practitioners the opportunity to specialise in meeting the complex care needs of older Australians.

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

QUT Online’s Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is grounded in an evidence-based understanding of gerontology, ensuring older Australians receive the best possible care.

Master of Gerontology

By completing a Master of Gerontology, you will have the opportunity to specialise and be more competitive for securing higher level positions within aged care.

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