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Master the emerging digital technologies of the future

In the recent 2021 QS World University Rankings, QUT’s communication and media courses have placed first in Australia and 16th worldwide. This reflects QUT’s real-world technology focus and is the culmination of the university’s commitment to preparing graduates for the changing realities of tomorrow’s digital workplaces.

Digital communication technologies are in the midst of an ongoing paradigm shift. The digital communication technologies of tomorrow may be different to those we use today. There is a growing need for digital communication professionals who can make thoughtful use of analytics and other strategies to identify and understand trends in a digital environment undergoing frequent change.

The Master of Digital Communication equips graduates with future-ready critical thinking and problem solving skills. These are the kinds of transferable skills that will prove invaluable in industries that rely on digital communication and are undergoing frequent technological innovation.

If having the flexibility to work across many industries appeals to you, a career in digital communication may be an excellent fit. You will learn new skills that are applicable to various media forms, including social media, data analytics, artificial intelligence and visualisation.

Completing a Master of Digital Communication will prepare you to devise and implement effective communication strategies that take into account the fast pace of technological change and innovation. There is an ongoing need for resourceful communication professionals who can draw from a diverse digital skill set and employ strategies to ensure internal and external communications are streamlined and productive.

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Entry Requirements

You can gain entry into the Master of Digital Communication with:
    • a completed bachelor degree (or higher qualification) in a relevant discipline such as advertising, animation, communication, interaction design, journalism, media, marketing or public relations; or
  • a completed bachelor degree (or higher qualification) in any discipline with at least six months full-time (or equivalent) professional and relevant work experience; or

  • successful completion of QUT’s Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication or Graduate Diploma in Digital Communication.

This course is not available to international students.

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Build your digital portfolio

Your Master of Digital Communication will introduce you to a variety of new and crucial digital tools used within the communication design industry. Your coursework is specifically tailored to enhance your digital literacy skills with these tools so that you can build an impressive portfolio by the time you graduate.


Tableau is the market-leading analytics platform that transforms the way we use data to solve real-world issues. The platform is the top choice for modern business intelligence and helps organisations visualise data and share insights that make real, impactful change. It’s used by influential companies such as Lenovo and Lufthansa Airlines.


Python is a versatile computer programming language that is commonly used for machine learning, building websites and software, automating tasks, and conducting data analysis. Python is one of the most well-known programming languages for software developers and data scientists around the world. Most modern tech companies rely on Python every day, including Instagram, Google, Spotify and Netflix.

Twitter API CrowdTangle

Learn how to analyse your Twitter data using CrowdTangle to make informed content decisions. CrowdTangle is a popular insights tool among media professionals that helps you analyse and report on your social media performance. It’s used by thousands of journalists around the world to develop robust social media strategies.


Almost all raw data is going to be messy at first. OpenRefine is a powerful tool designed to help you clean and transform large amounts of data from one format to another. The software resembles a spreadsheet, much like Microsoft Excel, but operates as a database so that your data is easier to analyse.


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Career opportunities

Digital Strategist

Formulate digital strategies in partnership with media and content producers in order to achieve positive business outcomes.

Social Media Strategist

Conduct data-driven social media initiatives to increase brand awareness and drive business success.

Digital Coordinator

Coordinate the delivery of forward-thinking digital communication strategies in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.

Digital Officer

Prepare and coordinate communication materials while maintaining content across various communication channels.

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