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Graduate Certificate in Investigations and Intelligence
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Investigate with purpose: integrity, justice, and community welfare

Become a professional investigator or intelligence officer with the Graduate Certificate in Investigations and Intelligence. This course prepares you for roles in government and industry, equipping you to skilfully analyse complex information to ensure compliance, enhance security, and protect the public interest.

Investigators and intelligence analysts are vital to ensure proper investigation of issues and to develop strategies and solutions that resolve public and private sector issues such as non-compliance to regulations, fraud, scams and breaches of legislation. These roles are highly sought after as the need for professional staff to undertake high quality investigations and  intelligence analysis continues to  increase. Graduates will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skills to manage investigative processes and draw on intelligence data.

The course’s core focus lies in molding professionals who embody ethical, empathetic, culturally aware qualities, thereby enhancing the professionalism and accessibility of the investigative field. Its mission is to advance social justice outcomes, nurturing integrity and expertise to become a professional investigator or intelligence analyst and develop a career in a rapidly growing field in Australia.

You will develop an objective mindset, for profiling situations and providing recommendations. You will also learn to examine your own thoughts and biases and be better able to fairly and clearly reflect the perspectives of the person under investigation, victims and the community. The four units in the course cover the investigation process and the intelligence cycle. The key content areas include:

– Investigative process, planning, and reporting
– Interview planning and techniques
– The intelligence cycle and intelligence analysis
– Strategic intelligence reporting and recommendations
– Social awareness including cultural issues, trauma awareness, and communication planning
– Ethical and legal frameworks

Professional membership:

Graduates will be eligible to join the peak organisations in the field, such as:
– Australian Institute of Professional Investigators (AIPI)
– Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO)

Investigations is the biggest growth area in the entire area of the policing regime. Every government department has to have an investigative role, every large organisation has internal investigation. There’s not a group in the Australia society that can avoid hiring people with the skills that come out of this course.” ~ Investigations and Intelligence – Mark Lauchs

Entry Criteria

You can gain entry into the Graduate Certificate in Investigations and Intelligence with:
  • A recognised bachelor’s degree (or higher qualification) in any discipline; or

  • A recognised diploma (or higher qualification) in any discipline and at least two years of full-time (or equivalent) professional work experience; or

  • At least five years of full-time professional work experience (or equivalent)

This course is not available to international students.

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Course Units

Students need to complete a total of 4 units.


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Career opportunities

This degree paves the way to careers in safety, compliance, intelligence, and more, offering a gateway to diverse professional roles.

Workplace health and safety investigator

Respond to critical incidents or emergencies and undertake a range of compliance-related activities to ensure safety regulations and requirements are met.

HR investigator

Facilitate a harmonious workplace environment as an HR Investigator, addressing conflicts, misconduct, and compliance to support a positive work culture.

Intelligence analyst

Collect, analyse, and interpret intelligence data to support informed decision-making and national security efforts.

Other investigation roles

Explore various investigation roles in organisations like NDIS, Salvation Army, Regulatory Bodies, and the Australian Signal Directorate, each offering unique opportunities and challenges.

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