Mitigate Risks from Emerging Technologies

Unit Code: LWQ704

Contact hours: 12–15 hours per week

Unit Description

The emergence of new digital technologies has prompted the need for existing law to be re-interpreted and applied to a context in which there are unique legal and risks associated with these technologies. In this unit you will examine specific digital technologies, for example artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer and robotics, and the digital application of cryptography with the rise of electronic commerce and digital cryptocurrencies. In many instances these and other new technologies are affecting society in ways previously unimagined and unaccounted for in existing law and regulation. You will learn to re-interpret and apply existing legal and regulatory frameworks and ethical principles to data use and digital technology. In this way, you will be on the forefront advising both technology developers and users in your organisation to prioritise safety and data protection through effective and ethical regulation.

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