IT Governance

Unit Code: IFQ631

Contact hours: 12–15 hours per week

Unit Description

This is a foundational Information Technology (IT) management unit addressing the core concepts, frameworks and methods for IT leaders (e.g. CIOs, IT
Managers) to support their organisations in creating business value with technology.

The unit takes an enterprise-wide, managerial perspective on how IT executives can facilitate the transition towards digital business and set the executive agenda for IT in larger organisations.

IT executives perform a leadership role in organizations and need an integrated business-technology management approach for creating business value with IT.
Taking a business management perspective, they focus on innovating the business with IT. From a technology management perspective, they focus on aligning and
governing IT decisions in the organization. As such IT governance is ultimately responsible for ensuring the creation of business value with IT and changing in
nature due to IT innovation.

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