The benefits of earning your computer science degree online

How can you learn computer science effectively while working full-time and balancing other commitments? Find out how QUT has made online study easy.

An IT program can open doors to opportunities, and empower your future in countless ways.

While IT has long been an essential part of the business world, it continues to present new and exciting challenges and opportunities that support and enhance various aspects of our lives. Whether you want to develop innovative applications, streamline business processes, or protect data security, IT can help you achieve your goals.

But how can you learn computer science effectively while working full-time and balancing other commitments? The obvious option is to earn your computer science degree online.

In this blog, we look at the benefits of online study and how it works to make furthering your studies that bit more achievable.

1. The flexibility to study at any time: Balance your work, family and study commitments

Online learning offers many benefits for your career and personal development, but perhaps one of the most significant benefits for online students is the ability to harmonise your work, family, and personal responsibilities while pursuing your education.

With flexible study options, and the freedom to live anywhere and study at your convenience, you will not need to sacrifice your current happiness for future gains. Earning your computer science degree online offers unparalleled flexibility. You can study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, and choose from various programs tailored to your interests and goals.

2. A wide variety of study modes and options

QUT offers a wide range of courses, and also study levels and options. If you want to earn a degree in computer science you have a variety of options ranging from full-course Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Master’s degrees, right down to “Micro Units.”

These Micro Units are a flexible option for those wanting to upskill in a particular area or hone a specific skill set, such as Management of Information Systems or Data Structures and Algorithms.
Additionally, you can transition to different computer science fields to advance your career, such as moving from IT security to Project Management or IT Business Analysis with our Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma programs. If you’re looking for a quick qualification, consider our Cyber Security Bootcamp, which offers a postgraduate certificate in just six months.

3. Study from anywhere on earth

Another benefit of earning your computer science degree online is the fact that you can do any degree, or any unit from anywhere on Earth. Or at least, anywhere you have a good internet connection. You don’t have to relocate to study for your next degree or commute to campus to attend classes or exams. You can access all the facilities and services you need to complete your studies. You only need a reliable internet connection and a suitable device to access your online program.

Another benefit of earning your computer science degree online is the flexibility to study from anywhere with a stable internet connection. You are not required to relocate or commute to campus for classes or exams. All the facilities and services you need are accessible online, with Student Advisors available 7 days a week to help with technical assistance.

This not only allows you to live where you please but also saves you travel time, money, and additional living expenses. You can avoid the hassle of fitting in classes around work, socialising, and family commitments.

This also opens up opportunities to study abroad and explore various cultures and perspectives without being restricted to studying in a particular city. Even if you’re studying interstate or internationally, you can do so from the comfort of a familiar environment that aligns with your learning preferences. However, don’t forget to check the course details page for entry requirements, as some courses may have restrictions.

4. Exams are completely online

A fourth benefit of earning your computer science degree online is the fact that exams are completely online. You don’t have to visit a physical location, such as the university campus, an event venue filled with hundreds of students, or even a proctoring centre, to take exams or assessments. You have the flexibility to complete them online, from anywhere and at any time.

This can reduce the stress and anxiety some of us may feel when taking exams in person, as well as eliminate the risk of problems on the day, such as illness, a flat tyre, a sick child, or any other issues. It also ensures fairness and consistency in exams, aligning with learning outcomes and treating all students equally.

5. Keep advancing your career while you are studying

A fifth benefit of earning your computer science degree online is the fact that you can keep advancing your career even while you are studying. You don’t have to quit your job or put your professional life on hold while pursuing your education; instead, you can strike a balance between your work and study commitments while acquiring valuable skills and knowledge in computer science.

This can help you improve your performance and productivity at work, even while in your current job. Bring a broader understanding and a greater depth of knowledge to your role to impress your boss. This can also help you bolster your resume and portfolio with relevant projects and achievements from your online program, potentially increasing your earning potential and career satisfaction, including the possibility of higher salaries and improved benefits, even before graduation.

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