Returning to study mid-career

It isn’t unusual to find yourself in a mid-career slump – the important thing is what you do about it. Online study is a great way to re-ignite your passion for learning and rediscover whatever drew you to your particular profession in the first place.

A different stage of life, but the learning impulse is still there

Learning new things is fundamental to the human experience, and this doesn’t diminish with time 

You’ve made it this far in your career. If you feel like you’re coasting, it might be time to harness the motivation and desire to learn that guided you down your career path in the first place. 

Online study with QUT is accessible and galvanising. By liberating teaching and learning from the on-campus classroom, you’ll be able to attain a postgraduate qualification gradually while you continue to work and fulfil your personal commitments. 

Rekindling your desire to learn

The desire to learn new things never truly leaves us, though at times we can lose the drive to forge ahead. If you are experiencing a lull in your career and can’t quite see the way forward, online study is a way to enhance your credentials and recapture a firm sense of purpose. 

It’s also a great way to forge new and meaningful connections with your peers, who in many cases will be working in an industry related to yours, with a similar desire to upskill into a new area of knowledge and expertise. 

QUT Online’s postgraduate degrees are all future-focused. By engaging with coursework you will have the opportunity to update your skills and knowledge, which will help you define exactly where you want to go next with your career. 

A change of direction

A postgraduate degree is also worth considering if your aim is to move laterally into a different career. It indicates to your future employer that you are a lifelong learner willing to put time and commitment into learning new skills.  

That you’re the kind of person willing to proactively seek change and pursue whatever’s meaningful to you. 

Easing back into the study mindset

Many online postgraduate students are returning to study mid-career. While daunting at first glance, you’ll most likely find that you now have the maturity and clearly focused motivation to get even more out of your study than ever before. 

Of course it’s important to take it slow at first, and rest assured that there are comprehensive support services in place to help you ease back into study. 

With dedication and focus you will be able to fit online study into even the busiest schedule, and steer your career in a new and exciting direction, whatever it may be. 


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