Overcome procrastination by studying smart, not hard

Often we find ourselves caught in the blur of life and competing responsibilities, and important things like study fall to the wayside. The truth is that while efficient study habits don’t come naturally for all of us, it is possible to cultivate them.

Study habits and the importance of routine

When it comes to online study, with a little thoughtful reflection, it’s possible to reach our study goals and beyond, and to do it in less time.

By nature, humans are habitual creatures. While we can be prone to lapsing into unproductive and inefficient patterns of behaviour, we can always consciously decide to build positive and helpful patterns and habits into our daily lives instead.

It’s well worth establishing a positive study routine from day one. The simplest plans are often the most effective. In fact you can get a lot of mileage out of simply blocking out study time in your week and sticking to it.

Whether you track your schedule with a mobile app, a paper diary or another method is up to you.

Create your study oasis

What if you have access to all your study resources, motivation in spades, but lack a comfortable location where you’re able to focus and get the best out of yourself?

Don’t worry if you find yourself in this position, because often all it takes to resolve is some considered forethought and planning. The best thing you can do in this situation is create your ideal study space or discover it.

You’ll be surprised how by setting up a dedicated study space, or finding one, can become a vital building block in forming positive study habits.

On the road again

If you work – and particularly if you work full-time – you likely spend a great deal of time each week commuting.

With the aid of mobile technology and portable devices, it’s worth reclaiming a portion of this time for online study. If you spend a significant amount of your commute on public transport, you’ll be able to work on your personal portable device of choice.

This is a great way to squeeze some additional study time into your schedule, especially on days where you just don’t have the time for a focused sit-down study session.

Access support when you need it

QUT offers a comprehensive support network, and includes a dedicated team of Student Advisors trained to provide support in a number of areas related to your student experience.

One thing Student Advisors can do is provide study guidance and advice. Whether you need help with researching, writing and referencing an assignment, or are struggling with your workload, calling a Student Advisor on 1300 104 196 is a great starting point to get help.

Rest and revitalise

Sometimes the best thing you can do to succeed with online study is take a break. If your original study plan isn’t working as intended, and you’re beginning to fall behind, it can be worth taking a weekend off to recalibrate your direction and reschedule your study.

It isn’t always easy studying as you juggle work and personal commitments, but by treating yourself kindly and coming up with a flexible plan, you’re bound to find a routine that allows you to meet and exceed your study goals.

And there are times of course when taking a short break to avoid burnout can in itself work wonders, allowing you to come back to your study with renewed commitment and focus.

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