Online postgraduate study: choosing the right university for you

If you’ve considered taking your career to the next step with a postgraduate qualification, you’ve probably considered studying online.

Plentiful options with online education: the choice is yours

For postgraduate students, the online environment is increasingly popular due to the flexibility it provides – students can fit their studies around other commitments like family and work.

As online study becomes increasingly popular, more universities are making the option available. But are all online options equal? And what factors are important when choosing the right university for you?

Here are four things you should look for when choosing a university.

An accredited qualification from a respected University

These days, there are many exceptional universities offering flexible online study options. With so many options available, you need to ensure the degree you will receive when you graduate is from a respected university – with an excellent global reputation.

When you study through QUT you graduate with a real-world qualification from an internationally ranked university. And the degree you earn and the testamur you graduate with are exactly the same as students who study on campus.

A course that is designed for the online environment

This is important. With some universities, online study will equate to listening to recorded lectures online. That’s why it’s important that you research the online study experience on offer – and make sure you select a university offering courses that have been purpose built for online learners to acknowledge the different needs and challenges for students studying virtually.

For example, when you study a postgraduate degree through QUT, you join a dynamic and engaging campus, designed specifically for online learning. You will take part in weekly discussions and assessments, through quizzes, discussion boards and team work to further your understanding of your course. That’s the type of online experience you should look for.

Career advancement opportunities

Postgraduate study is an excellent way to progress your career. And when you’re deciding to study a postgraduate degree online you should look for a university that will offer opportunities to develop your professional skills and further your career

QUT is known as ‘a university for the real world’ because of our close links with business and industry. In fact, we’re ranked in the top 50 of universities in the world for employer-student connections. And when you study with us, our connections become your connections. Make sure you choose a university that values your career as much as you do.

Tailored support options

Life as a postgraduate student can be busy: balancing study with work, family and other commitments. For that reason, the online support that a university can provide you is critical.

QUT offers a suite of support options to help students achieve their study goals, advance their careers and still have time for the things that matter most. Most importantly, we know that online students aren’t always studying between 9—5, which is why we offer extended support hours to ensure when you have a question, you can get an answer.

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