Online education: laying the foundation of Australia’s cyber security

Safeguarding Australia’s cyber security is emerging as a key concern, not only for the Australian government, but also for organisations and individuals. Tertiary education has a significant role to play in preparing Australia’s cyber security workforce.

Emerging cyber security threats

In recent years, Australia has seen a dramatic rise in the number of reported cyber attacks, costing the economy an estimated $1 billion a year. However, financial loss in the commercial sector alone isn’t the greatest risk, as government organisations are increasingly targeted – along with the private information of individuals.

Pandemic-related cyber crime has also seen a concerning rise, and at a greater scale, which has prompted the federal government to announce the nation’s largest ever investment in dedicated cyber security funding, $1.35 billion over the decade to come.

A renewed national focus on cyber security and cybercrime prevention

With cyber security incidents becoming more frequent and sophisticated – and the government’s announcement that Australia has been under an escalating and coordinated cyber attack from a sophisticated ‘state-based’ actor – cyber security will remain a key concern for the government moving forward.

This has a number of implications for Australian businesses large and small, as well as individuals. In addition to the federal government’s defence investment, there will be a significant focus on educating a highly-trained cyber security workforce.

If Australia is to sufficiently safeguard itself against cyber attacks, cyber security education at tertiary level will need to be both flexible and comprehensive.

The vital role cyber security education has to play

When it comes to ensuring the cyber security of government and organisations, a key factor is keeping ahead of technological developments. Flexible online education is vital here, allowing existing cyber security professionals – as well as those wishing to specialise – to upskill without taking time away from their career.

QUT Online offers a comprehensive suite of Information Technology courses, including two courses that help professionals specialise in cyber security, acquiring up-to-date knowledge and skills.

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security and Networks caters for existing Information Technology professionals who wish to upskill their cyber security expertise, helping them pursue new opportunities for their career, and providing a pathway to standing on the frontline of Australia’s cyber security defence.

The Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Cyber security and Networks), meanwhile, is designed as a means for professionals from other backgrounds to make a dynamic change to their career, acquiring fundamental IT skills while also specialising in cyber security. This is a transition that will lead to job opportunities in the years to come.


Whether you’re an existing IT professional wishing to upskill in cyber security, or planning to move into the field while acquiring core IT knowledge, QUT Online’s courses are flexible and fully online. Take control of your career direction while you continue to work.

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