Investing in your future: study postgraduate online

If you have been thinking about advancing your career or even changing careers entirely, there’s a good chance you’ve considered studying a postgraduate qualification.

A postgraduate qualification can help take your career to the next level

After all, studies have shown that a postgraduate degree can increase your earning capacity by up to $30,000 more than an undergraduate degree alone.

If you are thinking about postgraduate study, you should consider the benefits of studying online.

You can earn a degree without taking time off work

If you’re considering postgraduate study, there is a strong chance you’re already working. And while you understand the value of furthering your education, finding time to attend an on-campus university when you have work commitments, can seem impossible. That’s why so many people are choosing an online mode of delivery for their postgraduate studies.

Online study allows you to work towards your degree, without taking time off work. The flexibility of an online classroom means you can log on and learn when it suits you.

You can expand your network

Broadening your professional network is vital to career growth. As leading recruitment agency Michael Page says “despite its off-putting connotations, networking is actually about building long-term relationships … it involves meeting and getting to know people who you can assist, and who can potentially help you in return.”

Completing a postgraduate degree automatically opens you up to a network of likeminded people interested in similar career outcomes to you. And studying online provides opportunities to expand your network further, by connecting you with people you may never have met if you chose a traditional on-campus approach to your study.

By learning and engaging with people from different backgrounds, experiences and geographies, you enrich your study experience and broaden your network. Your fellow students and online coaches will not only be an important part of your support network, they will become invaluable additions to your professional development and future career opportunities.

You can learn digital skills for the workplace of tomorrow

There is no doubt that technology is changing the way we work and live. And our ever-changing digital landscape is constantly affecting the job market and what employers look for.

When you study online, you get more than your degree. By using technology to learn and engage with fellow students, you develop your collaboration, communication and digital skills. You also become an agile learner, which is highly valued in many workplaces. These transferable skills build upon the core skills you learn in your degree and increase your value as an employee.

In a job market where digital skills are increasingly important, studying your degree online gives you a significant edge – both in your current and future workplaces. And when you’re looking for a promotion or applying for a new role, your openness to study online, alongside your commitment to your education, will stand out as strong attributes to employers.

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