Industry outlook: Project management

The world is organised through projects and there is a growing need for project managers who will be able to confront complex project challenges in the years to come.

Responding to national and global project management challenges

The collective work we undertake as a society is increasingly organised at a project level. As the population growsso does the need for smart investment in new and improved infrastructurewhether public or private. 

Effective leadership and management are essential to ensure projects remain under budget and on track for timely completion. There is a clear demand for skilled, agile project managers who will be able to respond to a variety of challenges in the years to come across many industries. 

Growing demand for skilled project managers on a global scale

A report on global trends in the project management industry  ‘Project Management: Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017–2027’ – concluded there is an increasing global demand for employees in project manager-centric roles. The report cites several main reasons for this trend, namely the significant increase in jobs requiring project-oriented skills combined with high employee attrition rates, with many project management professionals reaching retirement age.  

While the project management industry is transitioning globallythere is an excellent opportunity for aspiring and committed project managers to make their mark in their chosen industry. Project managers, particularly those with postgraduate qualifications, will position themselves ahead of the pack and be well-equipped with sophisticated project management strategies and leadership skills. These skills will help graduates make meaningful and long-lasting contributions to the industry.  

The Australian context

This global demand for skilled project managers is reflected in Australia, as project management roles are expected to increase from 474,495 in 2017 to 574,399 in 2027, an increase of 21 per cent in only 10 years. This increase can be partially attributed to the Australian Government’s infrastructure plan Building Our Future: Delivering the Right Infrastructure for a Growing Nation, of which there is major and ongoing investment planned for Queensland. These large government-led infrastructure projects equate to an immediate and ongoing need for quality project leaders.

Looking to the future

A career in project management will see you implementing innovative management solutions and empowering workforces to meet and exceed project goals. A postgraduate qualification in project management will prepare you for the challenges and – crucially – equip you with the strategies and professional knowledge you need to succeed.

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