Industry outlook: Health care and healthcare management

Health care is Australia’s largest and fastest growing industry, with a significant number of new jobs added over the past decade.

In transition: the Australian healthcare industry

Australia’s world-class health system is built upon foundational principles of accessibility and empathetic patient care. The broader healthcare industry is sprawling, and the largest industry in the nation.

Annual healthcare expenditure continues to increase from year to year, eclipsing $99.1 billion in the 2018–19 federal budget, and since 2016–17 has accounted for more than 10% of Australia’s total GDP.

The industry is expected to grow – particularly in regional areas – in line with population growth and an ageing population. The ongoing implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is also a key initiative supporting continued growth of the industry.

Job opportunities in the healthcare industry

The Australian Jobs 2019 report concluded that in the five-year period from May 2018–2023, the industry is expected to grow by 14.9%.

This leads to a wide range of job opportunities, with strong growth predicted for health and welfare services management positions. In fact, there are expected to be 15,000 job openings over this same five-year period, at a rate of 3,000 job openings per year, spanning roles that include – among others – health and welfare services managers, nurse managers, practice managers, child care centre managers, and Indigenous health workers.

The health management courses QUT Online offers will prepare graduates for these roles, in order to fill what is a growing demand for skilled and dedicated healthcare assistance managers.

Emerging technology and the need for effective management

The adoption of digital technology and processes within the healthcare industry is steady and in many ways accelerating. Digital technology has enormous potential, and the implications of this industry-wide transition are evident in daily life.

We see it in the federal government’s recent My Health Record initiative, and even in the emergence of self-monitoring health and fitness devices, that measure everything from your blood pressure to the quality of your sleep.

As digital technology becomes more widespread in the healthcare industry, there will be a need for adept managers who understand the implications of digital technology within their organisation.

Huge demand for quality health care in regional Australia

A significant portion of the expected industry growth lies outside capital cities – 33% of the anticipated growth is expected to occur in regional areas.

The demand for quality health care across regional Australia continue to grow, particularly as communities bear the brunt of an ageing population.

For those looking to work in the industry at a management level, finding work in regional healthcare organisations presents an excellent opportunity, and comes with all the benefits a regional lifestyle has to offer.


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