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Meeting the needs of the evolving professional landscape

As technology advances, industry has to adapt. The pace of change is at times staggering, which is why it’s vital for government, businesses and individuals to keep up with change and respond to technological disruption in productive ways.

While presenting significant challenges, disruption also creates opportunities in many fields – and now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities available and learn the skills you’ll need for the jobs of the future.

‘Rising skills’ in the twenty-first century

A recent LinkedIn report – Future of Skills 2019: Asia-Pacific Edition – emphasises the importance of “rising skills”. Rising skills are skills that have witnessed exponential growth in recent years, or are anticipated to do so in the years to come.

Industries are affected to varying extents, and naturally some industries will be affected sooner than others. QUT Online offers various postgraduate programs that are designed to address future skill gaps in specific industries, as the examples below illustrate.

Social Media Marketing

According to the Future Skills 2019 report, data shows that marketing is undergoing a significant and continuing paradigm shift with the growing importance of social media.

The acceleration is such that an entirely new role has come to prominence in recent years, that of the social media specialist, ‘essentially a marketer whose skills help them harness the power of social media to reach consumers’.

QUT Online’s digital communication course suite places social media at the forefront, investigating the power of social media as a compelling vehicle for storytelling, while also covering social media in a marketing context.

Project Management

A career in project management can see you working in a diverse range of industries. What unites capable and effective project managers is their ability to solve problems creatively and lead teams of people.

QUT Online’s postgraduate project management degrees emphasise the soft skills essential to effective project management in a range of professional contexts.

Learning Design

A hallmark of increasingly essential soft skills is that of human-centric design. This is especially true in education, where students are studying to learn, and that learning needs to be delivered in a way that is engaging and interactive.

The technology of course delivery may change, but the creativity and problem-solving ability of learning designers behind the scenes will continue to be essential.

QUT Online offers a Graduate Certificate in Education (Innovative Learning Design).

Health Management

Health care is an industry in the midst of technological transition, particularly as routine administrative processes are streamlined and automated, such as the tracking of patient data and the monitoring of drug prescriptions.

QUT Online offers a range of postgraduate degrees in health that emphasise health management. After all, strong leadership and effective management will be vital as the industry undergoes significant change.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is on the path to increased automation, even in the area of financial planning. While sophisticated apps and the like will be able to provide a basic level of financial advice and direction, the soft skills a qualified financial planner can provide are irreplaceable.

QUT Online offers a FASEA-approved Graduate Diploma of Business (Financial Planning).

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