Building a skill set that makes a difference

QUT Online's Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication allowed Aroha to update her professional skill set and take a step towards domestic violence advocacy, all while she continued to work full-time.

The value of hard work and pursuing what you find meaningful

Aroha has always been the type of person to pursue what is meaningful to her, committing herself to the big picture and setting concrete objectives in order to achieve her goals.

While working as a journalist for breakfast radio, and on the hunt for a new job in the digital communication space, Aroha began to feel her skills weren’t as up-to-date as they could be.

She soon found a role as a Social Media Officer, but still felt the importance of upskilling – not only to benefit her current role, but to future-proof her career and position herself one step closer to achieving her ultimate goal of opening her own communications business.

Day by day – committing to a goal and making it reality

Aroha is passionate about helping others, particularly by advocating for women and children in domestic violence situations, which prompted her to volunteer her communication skills to a not-for-profit domestic violence advocacy organisation.

An idea soon began to form, as she realised she would be able to use her communication skills to start her own business.

“The goal is to provide social media moderation, reporting, analytics, digital communication strategies and content planning for not-for-profit organisations. My focus for clients will be health, women and domestic violence issues.”

Once Aroha knew the direction she was headed, it became the simple matter of how to get there. It was clear further education in digital communication would be crucial to her success.

Taking the first step – online study anchored in the real world

Aroha discovered that QUT Online’s Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication was just what was she was looking for.

Living in Rockhampton, Aroha didn’t have the option of studying her desired course on-campus, but was pleased to find online study was a perfect fit for her life. While new in her role as a Social Media Officer, her workplace is accommodating, allowing her the flexibility to work and study at the same time.

Aroha’s team have immediately noticed the benefits her study is bringing to her professional work, and she is thrilled to see that her team encourages her to share everything she is learning.

Where to next for Aroha?

Aroha is currently on track to complete her Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication with QUT Online, having achieved her goal of updating her journalistic and communication skills – skills that are bound to get her to where she needs to be.

Next up, she plans to complete further postgraduate study, specialising in domestic and family violence practices, and establish her communications business.

If, like Aroha, you have your own passions to follow, studying a postgraduate course online is a great way to upskill – and even change career direction – while you continue to work. QUT Online offers range of postgraduate courses, including a comprehensive digital communication course suite, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence.

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