Be future ready: study a postgraduate degree today

There is no doubt about it, a postgraduate degree will always work in your favour, here’s why.

Opening doors with online postgraduate study

So you’ve decided to take the leap and future proof your career. Congratulations! Studying at postgraduate qualification online is a great way to achieve your goals. Not only are you studying in a flexible way that will suit you, but you are investing in something that will continue to pay dividends in the future.

You increase your earning potential

While following your dreams and working in a fulfilling career is important, it’s also great if you can demand a good income at the same time.

According to a Graduate Careers Australia study, a postgraduate qualification can increase your earning potential by up to $30,000 more than an undergraduate degree alone. So, while the cost of postgraduate studies can seem daunting, the return on investment will undoubtedly pay off in the end.

And don’t forget for many postgraduate students there are FEE-HELP loans available, which allow you to gradually pay back the course fees.

You will build your confidence

In today’s workplace, self-confidence and the ability to back yourself when you make a decision, are vital skills. And as you move through your career into leadership positions, these skills become even more important.

In a recent Forbes article titled ‘How to be more confident at work’ Career Coach Deborah Brown-Volkman said that “without confidence you won’t stand out, you won’t be assigned great projects, and you’re less likely to be recognised or get raises, bonuses, and promotions.”

One of the key ways to develop your confidence is to take on new challenges, work through them and complete them. What better and interesting challenge than a postgraduate qualification. Making the decision to study a postgraduate qualification and completing your degree while balancing your other life priorities, is a huge achievement that will help you grow both personally and professionally.

You expand your network

Studying a postgraduate degree automatically opens you up to a network of likeminded people interested in similar career outcomes to you. And studying online provides opportunities to expand your network further, by connecting you with people you may never have met if you chose a traditional on-campus approach to your study.

By learning and engaging with people from different backgrounds, experiences and geographies, you enrich your study experience and broaden your professional network. And you never know what career opportunities will come from your new connections in the future!

If you’re ready to reap the value of a postgraduate degree, check out QUT’s degrees on offer.

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