2019 recap and the year ahead

It has been a landmark year for QUT Online, and as we move into the New Year, now is a fantastic time to reflect on what has been achieved, and what we hope to achieve in the years to come.

A range of online postgraduate degrees – new courses 

It has been a big year for QUT Online, which initially launched in 2018 with a suite of five online postgraduate courses.  

In little over a year the number of courses has quadrupled, and heading into 2020, QUT Online offers a comprehensive selection of 20 postgraduate courses spanning six faculty areas: Education; Health; Communication and Design; Law and Justice; IT, Planning and Engineering; and Business.  

With a range of new and specialised courses on the horizon moving into the New Year, QUT Online is poised to continue its delivery of future-focused online education in the postgraduate education space – dynamic learning firmly anchored in the real world. 

Introducing micro unit and single unit study

Early in 2019 QUT Online began offering a number of micro units – to be studied as part of a traditional postgraduate qualification, or offered individually. 

A micro unit is a condensed unit of study that can be completed in just over a month, and a flexible option for those wishing to upskill and develop new professional skills that are immediately useful. 

Single unit study was another popular option for students wishing to upskill in a specialised area, or preferring to test the waters of postgraduate study before committing to a full postgraduate qualification. 

With plans to expand both micro unit and single unit offerings in 2020, QUT Online is committed to providing more dynamic and flexible learning options moving forward. 

QUT Online’s soon-to-be graduates

It was a landmark year for QUT Online, as we saw the very first QUT Online students take a positive step forward in their careers with postgraduate study. 

QUT Online’s Anna, who is in the middle of studying a Master of Project Management, and Aroha, who is close to completing a Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication, were two of the first students to share their student stories with us online. 

In 2020 we look forward to seeing more of our students graduate, becoming part of QUT’s extensive global alumni community, and we’re looking forward to sharing more of our students stories in the New Year. 

The year ahead for QUT Online

With a host of new courses on the way, 2020 is set to be another busy year for QUT Online and its students – a year in which we look forward to connecting with our student and alumni community, while also opening doors for new students looking for the flexibility and quality that online postgraduate study can offer.  


If you’ve been considering postgraduate study but haven’t yet had the opportunity, online study through QUT Online may be the answer. Have a browse through our growing selection of  future-focused postgraduate degrees, as well as our micro and single unit offerings. You can always give our course consultants a call on 1300 104 196 to discuss your options. 

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