Industry Outlook: Digital Communication

Our Master of Digital Communication is designed to help deepen your understanding of the Industry and help you continue your professional development.

Digital communication, a vital skill set for the new normal:

Remote work and study has become commonplace across many industries – including Media and Communication – increasing the need for organisations to invest in developing comprehensive digital communication strategies.

“Covid-19 has been severely disruptive, including for Media and Communication Industries”.

Online study in digital communication will prepare you for success within an extensive range of careers. Your versatile skill set will equip you with new technical skills, and the practical knowledge to apply them in complex communication situations.

You will learn to develop clear and concise messaging, manage schedules and deadlines, and drive multi-faceted communication strategies within organisations.


Continue your professional development and improve job prospects with a Master of Digital Communication:

QUT is Australia’s No 1 ranked university for Media and Communication studies (QS World University Rankings), so you know you’re getting a highly sought after qualification with a strong reputation in industry. Not only will the Master of Digital Communication help you to develop your existing skills and knowledge, it will increase your scope of opportunity when applying for jobs.

Analytics and statistics are a major component of the Masters qualification. Gaining a deeper understanding in analytics will allow you to knowingly measure the success of your strategy and campaign and therefore help to identify a successful approach going forward.


Career Outcomes:

With a large focus in the course being data, analytics and social media, job roles such as a Digital Strategist, Social Media Strategist or Digital Coordinator would be achievable career outcomes.

“This Masters program is very carefully designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to meet those challenges and opportunities … that will set you up to be a really effective communication professional for now but also into the future”

Many of the key skills required to work as a Communications Specialist are covered within the Master of Digital Communication. In Australia, Communication Specialists earn a median salary of $90,000.


The benefits of undertaking a capstone project within the course:

During the final stage of your Masters, you will have the opportunity to complete a capstone project. The capstone series of units will allow you to integrate your skills and knowledge and apply them to a significant digital communication project which focuses on a chosen area of interest which can directly relate to a current or future job role.

Particular examples of areas you may choose to focus on are:
– Data analytics and visualisation
– Gaming Industry
– Music Industry

“The capstone project gives you an opportunity to hone in on a particular topic or skill area that you are passionate about … that is meaningful to you but also stretches and challenges you”.

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