Ways to maintain a healthy and positive balance while studying

Ensure that your online study experience is effective and eliminate the unwanted pressure and stress. Below are some tips to help you stay focused and remain productive throughout your studies.

Take regular breaks

Physical exercise is a brilliant way to alleviate stress. Make sure that for every hour of study you undertake, include 10-15 minutes of physical activity. This will allow you to mentally escape from your screen and feel refreshed when returning to study. Adding breaks into your study routine will assist you in retaining information whether that be for assessments or exams.


Ensure you have a structured study environment:

The key to effective study is to establish a quiet area of your home where you can work with little distraction. Try to leave your phone outside of your study area if possible. Make sure that you have your work and personal files separate from your study documents and Laptop and this will keep you focused.


Stay hydrated and eat good food:

Drinking plenty of water is critical for maintaining good health. Without plenty of water, it will limit your mental ability to stay focused and concentrated on your studies. Aim to always have a glass of water beside you when studying. Eating good foods are also imperative to your focus. Eating a range of vegetables and fruits have been proven to boost your brain and memory retention.


Do what works for you:

For some, it may be colour-coding documents. For others, it may be listening to music in the background. Everyone has a different study routine. By finding a routine that suits how you learn best, you’ll be fully prepared to make the most of your online study.

When it comes to tests or quizzes, our tip is to handwrite notes, as this aids memory retention. Make sure you practice many times to retain the information written down.

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