Hidden pockets of study time

Day to day, week to week, online study doesn’t have to be an overwhelming commitment. You’d be surprised how much spare time you can unearth in your daily life when you seek it out.

Online study time is easier to find than you think

The thought of returning to study can seem unrealistic at first, especially when juggling full-time work and personal commitments. But it doesn’t have to be with online study.

Most of us know why upskilling with further education is worth doing – the incentive to redefine your career and develop professionally is always there. More difficult is convincing ourselves that it’s possible and practical.

We might not have as much spare time as we used to, but with a little forethought and planning, you’ll be able to find the hidden pockets of study time you need to get the most out of your postgraduate study.

Scheduling – for the organised obsessional and compulsive procrastinator in all of us

There are many ways to locate and portion out your time, and a crucial first step is to reflect and explore the time management tools available.

Our study time calculator is one such tool and a great start that will help you map out your week.

From there, whether it’s the humble pen-and-paper method or a dedicated time management app, find a practical tool that works for you.

Finding time in unconventional places

For some of us, cramming study into weekends is a viable and time-tested method, but with some thoughtful reflection and ingenuity, it’s worth considering what other times you could fit study into your week. Thereby freeing up your weekend for relaxation and attending to your personal commitments and relationships.

You might choose to divide your weekend time between morning and afternoon sessions if that helps, and the rest of the weekend is yours to enjoy.

Or, alternatively, you can find additional study time during lengthy commutes on public transport, or by fitting study into your lunch break.

You’d be surprised by how much study time is scattered throughout your week, lying in wait to be rediscovered and reappropriated for online study.

Morning person or night owl? The importance of routine at either end of the day

Are you a morning person or a night owl? By asking yourself this simple question, you’ll be able to identify the time of day that you should set aside for your study.

If you are a morning person by nature, see if you can wake up an hour early to study, at least a few days each week. This will ensure that you can set your nights aside, when you don’t have a lot of energy, to relax and fulfil any other responsibilities you may have.

Similarly, if you are more alert and active at night and treasure your sleep-in, work on developing a pattern of studying once you’re home, perhaps an hour of study before you cook dinner, or an hour after you eat and before you relax.

For the best results, find your groove sooner by experimenting – what type are you? Does it match your weekly work schedule?

Rediscover lost time with online study

When you lead a busy life, caught between work and personal commitments – with little time to relax – it can feel like there’s no chance of fitting study in as well.

The beauty of online study, though, is that it emancipates study from the classroom, which in turn opens up new possibilities for fitting study into your daily schedule.

In fact, you’ll find you save simply by not having an on-campus classroom to commute to and from several days a week.

While you’ll still need some solid sit-down time to get the most out of your study, the name of the game is adaptability. Carve out time for dedicated study, but also remain flexible, and if you find yourself with some unexpected free time, make the most of it while you can.

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