Understanding the terminology: QUT Online glossary

This glossary will help you to understand all the terminology you will encounter in your online studies.

A concise glossary for students

Studying with QUT Online is an engaging and rewarding experience. Online study comes with its own terminology, terms you are likely to encounter at various stages during your online study journey. To ease you into your transition to online study, we have compiled a concise study glossary.

Course Consultants

Your Course Consultants are your first point of contact when choosing your courses and units. They will provide all the information you need and coach you through the entire enrolment process over the phone.

When you call and speak to a Course Consultant, they will be able to:

  • answer any questions you have
  • help you select a suitable study load
  • provide information on fees
  • explain how online study works.

Course Consultants will also be able to direct you towards relevant documentation and help you fill it out.

Student Advisors

Our team of Student Advisors are here to provide any support you may require, including support for:

  • essay writing
  • exam preparation
  • time management.

Available for extended hours, seven days a week. We offer you flexible support for your online study.

Online Learning Advisors

Online Learning Advisors (OLAs) are our industry experts, bringing years of hands-on experience to your classes. You will have an OLA for each unit who will provide academic support and help you achieve your career goals.

Teaching period

There are four teaching periods each year, giving you flexible start dates to choose from. These teaching periods begin in February, April, July and October, allowing you to commence your course when it most suits you.

Online classroom

Your online classroom is optimised for digital learning. You will access integrated discussion boards that connect you with both your peers and subject-specific Online Learning Advisors (OLAs). We also tailor assessments specifically for the online learning space, and common assessment types include interactive quizzes and videos.

Course units

Course units are subjects that make up the structure of the course you have chosen. Each unit is worth a specific number of credit points. For individual unit breakdowns and course unit requirements, you can refer to the relevant course pages. Part-time study options are also available.

Core and elective units

Your core units cover the fundamental knowledge and competencies in your particular field of study. Some of these core units are pre-requisites and you must complete these first before you can be accepted into more advanced units.

You will also be able to select elective subjects that align with your career interests. Think of electives as units that reveal more specialised areas of knowledge and professional inquiry.

Graduate Certificate

A Graduate Certificate is an expedient way for you to up-skill in your chosen field. Graduate Certificates have a six-month duration and consist of four units.

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diplomas offer a more in-depth learning experience, typically taking one year full-time or part-time equivalent and contain eight units total.  After completing four units, you have the option of exiting early with a Graduate Certificate, or continuing to complete a subsequent four units.

Masters Degree

A Masters Degree is highest level of qualification we offer at QUT Online, consisting of 12 units and three electives.

Masters Degrees take 1.5 to 2 years full-time depending on the course, and you have the option to exit early with a Graduate Diploma after completing six core units and two electives.

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