QUT Online short courses supporting professional development in changing times

At a time when Australia faces the challenge of reshaping its economy and repositioning itself internationally, there has never been a greater need for organisations to upskill their workforce. QUT Online’s single and micro units can help organisations and employees do just that.

Innovation, leadership and professional development

As industries reform and change to face the distinct challenges of contemporary reality in Australia and abroad, so too must workforces – and individual employees – find meaningful ways to adapt. Education has a core role to play.

While traditional degrees will remain relevant for school leavers and mature-aged students seeking a career change, lifelong learning is already becoming a more common feature of the career pathways individuals are now navigating.

Another trend is towards online education, for the flexibility it provides not only organisations, but employees as well.

At a time when working from home is becoming more common – and a move to more remote working in future a possibility – fitting online study into your daily work schedule is a dynamic way to update your CV and acquire essential skills.

Future-focused single and micro units for the real world

As a future-focused university, QUT Online understands that both single units and micro units fulfil a unique position in the levels of study that the university offers, alongside traditional postgraduate qualifications.

Both single and micro units are selected from QUT Online’s full range of courses, spanning all disciplines. With four teaching periods a year to choose from, you have the opportunity to study at a time of the year that suits you.

The reality is that employees often need to upskill in specialised areas, but don’t necessarily have the time to complete a full postgraduate qualification. However, it’s worth remembering that studying a single or micro unit can be a great way to receive a taste of what a full postgraduate qualification offers.

After all, a completed micro or single unit can be later counted as credit for a longer postgraduate qualification. This opens the possibility of commencing with a single or micro unit, then continuing onto a postgraduate qualification at a later date, such as a specialised Graduate Certificate.

Flexibility and support

Single and micro-unit study is ideal for professionals who are seeking to develop and build specialised skills while they continue to work. After all, you will be bringing the knowledge you gain from your study into your workplace from day one, equipped with new skills immediately relevant to your work.

One of the great benefits of studying a single or micro unit online is that you will have the flexibility to study while you continue to work, and remain fully supported while you do so.

Just like an on-campus student, you will benefit from QUT’s comprehensive support network, and guided assistance from your Online Learning Advisor, who takes the role of an on-campus tutor.

To find out more, explore the units available on the single and micro-unit web pages respectively. Apply through these pages or contact a Course Consultant on 1300 104 196, who will be able to walk you through the available options.

If you are interested in taking your online study and professional development even further, QUT Online also offers a dynamic range of postgraduate qualifications from Graduate Certificate to Masters level.

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