How to create an ideal space for online study

Studying a postgraduate degree online gives you the freedom to work to your own schedule, wherever you may find yourself. This does however mean that you will need to build your own effective study space for maximum productivity.

With online education, where you study is up to you

Without the demands of inconvenient class times and the time commitment of your daily commute, online study allows you to continue living your busy life while squeezing coursework into your spare time. Take advantage of this benefit and find yourself a place where you can comfortably complete your work in a productive manner.

Having an ideal study space can sometimes be difficult for those who move around a lot or do not have access to the privacy they need to limit distractions. That is why we have put together some of our best tips for creating your own positive study space.

Take care in choosing your location

We understand that many students may not have a permanent space to study throughout the entirety of your degree. Luckily, online study does not demand much in the way of a fixed desk setup. Be sure to pick a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to study.

This could be your study, bedroom, a dining room table, or even your living room couch. If you find you focus better in public places, libraries are a great option, as is a quiet corner in your local café.

Rid yourself of potential distractions

As an online postgraduate student, there is no doubt that you have a busy schedule. It’s vital to make every minute you set aside for study count. If you find yourself stuck in a noisy area, put on some calming study music to help with your workflow.

Procrastination is the worst distraction. Ensure that you have nothing in your proximity that encourages time wasting. Sitting down to study does not mean that it is time to check up on your Facebook feed. Switch off your personal devices and plug yourself into the online classroom.

Set yourself up for the whole session

You’ve scheduled yourself a set amount of time for study. Try not to waste it by constantly moving around and hunting for things you need. Set your study space up well with everything you may need at the start of a session. When everything is within reach you’ll be able to sustain your focused productivity for longer sessions.

Do you tend to run cold? Keep a blanket within arm’s reach. Get hungry from prolonged concentration? Prepare a bowl of healthy snacks prior to settling in. And of course, ensure that your devices are fully charged or plugged in, and any other resources you may require are nearby.


So there you have it, an ideal study space setup for wherever you may find yourself. Ensure you are comfortable and focused, with distractions put away and all of your resources close by, and you will be in for a productive study session.

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