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Graduate Certificate In Strategic Digital Compliance
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Find out more about this course in our detailed PDF course brochure.

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Investigate the intersection between digital technology and the questions it poses for law, regulation and ethical responsibility.

Many industries and professions are adopting digital technologies on an unprecedented scale, revolutionising workplace practice. The changes occurring are largely positive, but as with any rapid change on such a large scale, the law must also evolve and ideally stay on the front foot – anticipating new situations, while identifying the legal implications of widespread technological disruption.

By studying a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Digital Compliance, you will be prepared to face the challenges of managing legal risks in an environment of widespread adoption of digital technology. A core area of investigation is the interaction between digital technology and the questions it poses for law, regulation and ethical responsibility. 

The course will explore the ethical ramifications that accompany the enhanced capabilities of digital technology and data acquisition, particularly legal issues around privacy, security, ownership and accessibility of information, in the context of digital disruption more broadly.  

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Digital Compliance, graduates will be able to assess and manage legal risks regarding digital technology, and possess a thorough understanding of the ethical and legal implications of digital technology within workplace and professional contexts. 

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Entry criteria

You can gain entry into the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Digital Compliance with:

  • a completed bachelor degree (or higher qualification) in any discipline; or
  • a completed diploma (or higher qualification) in a relevant discipline, and two years full time (or equivalent) relevant professional work experience; or
  • five years full-time (or equivalent) relevant professional work experience.

RPL: If you are a qualified practising lawyer, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the unit ‘Think Like a Lawyer in the Digital World’.

This course is not available to international students.

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Course units

Graduate Certificate In Strategic Digital Compliance

Think Like a Lawyer in the Digital World

Data Privacy and Security

Protect and License IP in Digital Assets

Mitigate Risks from Emerging Technologies


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Career opportunities

Risk Manager

Faciliate comprehensive risk management procedures from an information technology perspective, ensuring data is sufficiently safeguarded.

Governance Officer

Play a dynamic and analytical role within an organisation or in government, ensuring data privacy procedures meet compliance requirements, and adhere to government regulations.

Compliance Officer

Ensure the organisation or business you work for is complying with digital technology and data use regulations, in addition to meeting its ethical requirements.


Make clear to your employees the legal risks associated with data use and digital technology, ensuring individual employees have a clear understanding of the law and their ethical accountability.

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