Meet the team: Your Student Advisers

Say hello to one of your Student Advisers, Luke. We caught up with Luke to find out about his role and the support that he offers to students.

What do you do as a Student Adviser? Tell us about your role.

My role is to assist students and provide support from day one of enrolment, all the way through to graduation. Students can call us during our business hours, or can email us whenever they have a question or need some help.

Some of the queries we get on a daily basis can include:
– Getting started: Helping students log in to their online materials, filling out fee forms and organising units.
– Technical help: Assisting students access online materials, e-texts, online classrooms, emails.
– Course Planning: Assisting students map out their studies at any point of their enrolment through to graduation.
– Assignment assistance: Helping students understand criteria, submitting assignments, referencing guidance.

Essentially, if a student has any question, get in contact with us first. We can help you, or point you in the right direction.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Assisting students in achieving their goals and achieving positive outcomes wherever possible.

It’s incredibly rewarding when a student comes to me with an issue, and I’m able to give them the answers that they need and offer a solution. Building rapport with students is also something that I value.

Is there anything that QUT Online Student Advisers offer that often surprise students?

Occasionally we won’t have the answer to a question immediately, but we have the capacity to get in touch with other departments at QUT Online to find out the solution to a student’s problem.

When we get back to students with tailored solutions, they’re often surprised that we have gone above and beyond. Our 7-day opening hours are also a welcomed surprise.

What is your top tip for a new student studying through QUT Online?

Never hesitate to call or email us, no matter what your enquiry is. It’s better to have clarification than to sit on something in wonder. We’re always here to help.

Also, familiarise yourself with the Student Portal. Take some time to explore and learn where your resources are.

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